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Is it Safe For Plastic Surgery?

Is it Safe For Plastic Surgery? Posted on January 30, 2021Leave a comment

When it comes to safe for Atlanta Plastic Surgeon stories, there are many. Unfortunately, many of them revolve around smoking. If you’ve been researching cosmetic surgery on the internet, you’ve probably read many places that say you should never smoke while you’re under anesthesia, and that is absolutely true. If you’ve also been thinking about replacing cigarettes with less harmful electronic cigarettes because you believe they’ll be safe for plastic surgery then think again.

There is one type of cosmetic surgery that absolutely should not be done while you’re in an anesthesia coma, and that’s a breast augmentation. It’s called a transurethral resection, or TURP, and it involves a procedure where the surgeon removes a portion of the tissue around the areola, or the nipple and areola that surrounds the breast. This is done so that the nipple will be clearly visible to the patient and will not be covered by the fatty tissue that typically surrounds it. If you decide to do this, it’s important that you don’t smoke at all while you’re in the recovery/medicine room, and you also need to avoid contact with any tobacco products prior to surgery. Also, ask your plastic surgeon whether or not you’ll need to use some type of medication to help you heal from the surgery as well.

If you decide that smoking isn’t going to be a problem for you when getting plastic surgery done, then you can consider other methods of removing fat. There are some excellent non-invasive ways to reduce and eliminate abdominal fat, including liposuction. However, as smoking is a factor, it would be wise to use smoke-removal methods that don’t involve tobacco. That said, most of the nonsurgical methods available to reduce fat are fairly safe for patients who are not currently smoking.

Surgical fat transfer has also become more popular than it was in years past. Basically, the doctor takes healthy skin off of another part of the body and places it on the area where you want to have fat removed. This type of surgery is considered to be minimally invasive. However, there is always the risk of skin infection if the skin grafts are not properly placed, if they don’t heal properly, or if they are not taken from a reliable source. If you decide to go with skin grafts from another part of your body, make sure that it has been completely sterilized.

Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta GA is collagen injections. These are not as popular as they once were because of the risk of allergic reaction. They can still take many of the same risks as other types of skin grafts, including scarring and skin infection. If you do want collagen injections, your doctor should discuss these options with you thoroughly.

If none of the previous options sound right for you, ask other plastic surgeons about mesotherapy. In this procedure, your doctor uses an injection of highly diluted Botox into the mesoderm, which is the tissue surrounding your muscles. This temporarily paralyzes the muscles in that area, which causes them to sag and wither away. This procedure has been extremely successful in treating some cases of sudden facial aging.

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