Filing for Workers Compensation

Filing for Workers Compensation Posted on October 30, 2018Leave a comment

Most North Carolina employers have workers compensation. This protects employees from workplace injuries. With the increasing working hours and job complexities,workplace injuries are becoming common (-).

In America,there are over 4 million workplace injuries every year. Some injuries result to death and others to permanent disability. The American workplace injury rate is four cases for every 100 full-time employees.

You need to file for work comp in North Carolina as soon as you are injured. Time is of the essence. According to North Carolina work comp laws,you only have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit.

You should notify your employer about an injury. After that,you should file a North Carolina workers compensation claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

You can only file for work comp in North Carolina if your injury is material and the employer’s negligence is to blame for the injury. You cannot obtain compensation for your own fault.

After you file for workers compensation,the employer or the employer’s insurer can accept the claim and begin paying benefits. Alternatively,the insurer can deny the claim. If that is the case,you should bring legal action.

You will need legal assistance while filing a suit. The lawyer will do background investigations on your case and subsequently file it in a court of law. The attorney will also represent you in court. A judge will determine compensation. The lawyer will deduct legal fees from the compensation sum.

Workers eligible for compensation usually receive a number of benefits including medical care,vocational rehabilitation,scheduled injury compensation,and disability payments. For the case of death,the dependents will receive the compensation.

The Bottom Line

American workers are eligible to a safe working environment. It is the duty of the employer to make the workplace very safe. A negligent employer will need to compensate injured employees,so work with a -.

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