Building a Strong Criminal Defense

Building a Strong Criminal Defense Posted on October 27, 2018Leave a comment

A criminal conviction can have far-reaching consequences including loss of liberty,damaged reputation,and career setback. These may be avoided by building a strong criminal defense. It must be enough to convince a court to side with the defendant. The following tips can help achieve this goal ( DUI attorney ).

Hire a Respected Lawyer

It all starts with the hiring of a brilliant defense lawyer that can help devise a winning strategy. Look for someone who has an excellent reputation in the field. It should be someone who has experience in handling the specific type of case in question. Ask for recommendations from friends,family,and colleagues.

Provide an Honest Account

Once a suitable lawyer has been identified,provide an honest account of the incident. Do not attempt to hide anything as every detail is likely to be revealed in court anyway. In case the prosecution mentions them,the defense should be able to counter right away. This can only be done if they already know what to expect and have prepared for them. There should be no unwelcome surprises.

Establish Facts

Gather as many evidence that can establish the facts. Prove innocence with a solid alibi like being in a faraway place when the crime happened. At the very least,provide the court with things that will minimize guilt to reduce the sentence. Point to technical violations of the authorities regarding evidence and procedure. For instance,contaminated evidence may become inadmissible in court and lead to a dismissal.

Present Expert Witnesses

Persuade the court through the presentation of expert witnesses. These should have unassailable competence in their field. Examples include doctors,forensic specialists,and so on.Their testimonies can methodically dismantle the claims of the prosecution and weaken the case. Their credentials give their words more weight than regular witnesses,according to misdemeanor .

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